Commercial life is dominated by transactions: contracts with customers, suppliers, distributors, resellers, and retailers. Each of these transactions will have a legal element, and every company needs cost-effective and sensible advice on getting that legal element just right for the particular transaction.  This is the same whether the contract is on standard terms and conditions or is subject to complex bespoke negotiations.

We review, draft, and negotiate contracts for all aspects of commercial activity.  In doing so we are highly alert to the commercial points of the transaction and we always ensure our fees remain proportionate to the transaction’s commercial value.

Clients who come to us for commercial law advice range from multinationals to owner-managed businesses.

Commercial agreements on which we regularly advise:

  • Customer terms and conditions (including on-line terms)
  • Reseller agreements
  • Supply agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Outsourcing arrangements
  • Retail agreements
  • Commercial agency agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Software and other IPR licences and sub-licences
  • Settlement agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements.

For further information, contact Ronnie Preiskel, Partner

  • Tim Cowen to Speak at ECTA Regulatory Conference 2017

    Tim Cowen will be speaking at the European Competitive Telecommunications Association Conference 2017 in Brussels on Tuesday 28th November. Tim will be chairing the panel session “SMP, symmetry or both?”. The discussion will focus on how ‘the interaction between SMP and symmetrical regulation enhances competition plus the benefits and limitations of each [and] … whether…

  • Daniel Preiskel Moderates at Capacity Europe 2017

    Danny moderated the IoT and Meeting Data Demands session at Capacity Europe 2017 in London on Tuesday 24 October. The session was focused on ‘how operators [can] innovate their business models to develop alongside the growth in IoT applications’. Danny was joined by: Ivan Mihaljevic, President of BCE Nexxia; Michael Wheeler, EVP of Global IP Network…

  • Daniel Preiskel Contributes to the MEF Industry Views Blog

    Danny shares his thoughts in the latest Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) blog, which focuses on MEF Members’ thoughts on the new hardware and strategies. The full MEF blog can be found here. Danny’s article contains his views on the affect of e-privacy in relation to connected home appliances, as well as the potential effects of the impending…

  • Daniel Preiskel running an all day MVNO Workshop at MVNO Enable 2017 on Oct 5th

    Daniel Preiskel will be speaking at MVNO Enable 2017 on Thursday 5th October. Future PLC is hosting MVNO Enable 2017 in partnership with Preiskel & Co LLP, MVNO Evolutions and Red Dawn Consulting. Daniel will be hosting a discussion panel, on the topic of ‘Optimising Wholesale Economics’. The discussion will look into new creative pricing models to protect margins and strategies…

  • Daniel Preiskel Speaking at Capacity Europe 2017 on October 24th

    Daniel Preiskel will be speaking at Capacity Europe 2017 on Tuesday 24th October. Daniel will be moderating a panel, which will be discussing IoT & Meeting Data Demands. Daniel will be joined by Ivan Mihaljevic from BCE Nexxia, Michael Wheeler from NTT Communications, Eduardo Guardincerri from Telefonica, Martijn Blanken from Telstra, and Stuart Evers from…

  • Preiskel & Co Briefing on the EU Court of Justice Judgment in Intel

    Executive summary The EU Court of Justice—the EU’s highest court—has handed down a judgment unexpectedly requiring its junior counterpart, the General Court, to revisit points in the case against Intel for allegedly anti-competitive rebates on computer processors. The case requires the General Court to revisit its analysis of the use of an additional test—known as…

  • Mobile World Congress Americas

    Daniel Preiskel is participating in the MVNO workshop at a MWC/CTIA in San Francisco run by the Besen Group and will then in his role on the MEF EMEA Board be participating in the MEF Consumer Trust event on Wednesday.  For further details, feel free to email Daniel.

  • ICOMP calls for publication of Google’s compliance proposals

    ICOMP has called for the publication of Google’s remedy proposals to the European Commission, along with the Commission’s Decision in the Google Shopping investigation. The Commission announced its finding on 27 June 2017, outlining that it had found Google to have abused its dominance with regards to its Google Shopping product. As well as being…