Preiskel & Co are aware of a fax scam letter purporting to be from our partners and including a link to a fake website.  We are taking steps to address the issue with the relevant authorities.  If you receive this scam letter you should ignore it. Please also be aware that Preiskel & Co does not communicate by fax nor deal with wills and probate matters.

A fraudster may seek to intercept the payment of a bill to our firm, asking that payment be redirected to a different account. Any such email will not have come from us. We provide our payment details in our engagement letter and our invoices. They will not change.

If you have received an unexpected request purporting to be from us relating to the movement of funds, please contact the partner dealing with your matter. Please make sure you do so using the usual telephone number for that person (and avoid using any number provided in any suspect or unexpected communication).

If you have already responded to it or are concerned you may be a victim of a fraud attempt, you should contact the National Cyber Security Centre at if you are in the UK.

If the communication was not genuine then you should also report the incident to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and make an Action Fraud Report by calling +44 30 0123 2040 or via their website