How Can We Help You Where Multiple Jurisdictions Are Involved?

We help our clients with their multijurisdictional matters (including GDPR) by: (i) having a single point of contact in London for a co-ordinated approach to any legal matters connected with their cross-borders projects; (ii) minimising regulatory and contractual risks; and (iii) reducing the time spent by management or by their legal departments in the legal aspects of these projects.

Telecoms, Technology and Media (“TMT”) projects are often cross-border in nature and often involve the processing of “Big Data”. Rolling out international communications services, launching apps/online solutions or merely processing data is likely to entail legal (including data protection & retention) implications in many diverse jurisdictions.  Our firm’s experience in advising internationally has become increasingly important with the growth of IoT and importance of getting our clients ready for GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation), which will also impact our clients based outside the EU.

Obtaining, managing and co-ordinating advice on a range of legal issues covering multiple jurisdictions can be a major challenge.   Time is a valuable commodity to many of our clients’ fast evolving businesses, who can avoid the duplication involved in locating then bringing up to speed leading local lawyers (for each relevant issue) in each country.  This may be why various large or medium size international companies have overcome such challenges by engaging the Preiskel team in London, who then provide a one-stop-shop for legal issues across the globe.

Our international team has considerable experience in managing and coordinating multi-jurisdictional legal projects for blue chip international clients as well as for owner-managed clients.  Whilst Western Europe is our home patch, in fact we assist clients with their legal and regulatory issues across the globe.

The UK Member Firm of the Global Lexing® Network of Specialist Advanced Technology Law

In addition to our internal team of dual-qualified lawyers, Preiskel & Co is the only UK member firm of the Lexing® Network of specialist advanced technology law firms.  Working regularly with the Lexing® Network lawyers has enabled us to provide international solutions to multi-nationals on complex cross-border data privacy, regulatory, commercial and corporate matters. We also work closely in certain jurisdictions with correspondent lawyers that are fellow active members of the International Bar Association, where Daniel Preiskel was the Vice-Chair of the IBA Communications Law Committee.  Lawyers from the Lexing® Network across the globe meet and speak at an annual Lexing conference on topical issues, which recently have included AR/VR, robotics, driverless cars and GDPR, held in Shanghai, Palo Alto and Milan.


International Team of Regulatory and Commercial Lawyers Headquartered in the City

In addition to our leading English communication solicitors, Preiskel’s TMT lawyers qualified in a wide range of jurisdictions including Germany, Spain, Italy, New York, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, India and Mauritius with most of them also qualified in England.

However, unusually for a law firm, Preiskel’s international team of lawyers are primarily based in the City of London, providing a highly co-ordinated and consistent approach.  The firm’s international mind-set has proved of considerable advantage to many clients, as the firm assist them to oversee their local legal work in foreign jurisdictions, rather than engaging directly with a local firm in each jurisdiction.