Our lawyers understant that gambling is a multi-sector, highly-regulated, and fast-moving industry linked to innovative technology products and services. Our growing list of clients in this sector include mobile content providers, ISPs, service providers, and broadcasters.

We provide legal guidance not only on gambling legal issues, but also on related matters such as licence software agreements, premium rate services, data protection, or more general commercial advice. Through our expertise in the communications, technology and data protection fields, we provide our clients with the broadly-based and innovative advice that they need for their business.

Recent work includes advising on:

  • corporate deals and IPO transactions in respect of gambling regulatory issues and applicable legislation;
  • change of control of a major non-remote casino licence in England;
  • structuring prize competitions in light of the Gambling Act 2005;
  • compliance with PhonepayPlus Code of Practice re premium rate price competitions; and
  • product promotions, skill based competitions and premium rate participation TV schemes which come under the remit of Ofcom.

We also routinely review and amend our client’s websites, T&Cs, privacy policies, and all the other related documentation to ensure that they are compliant with all applicable legislation.

Our international focus enables us to tackle and minimise jurisdiction and applicable law issues.  We are familiar with the widely different approaches taken in different jurisdictions, where some countries have opted for liberalisation and others for restricting gambling. Our team also understand the international aspects of online gambling such the “Malta route” of keeping the server outside the UK but having a licence in an EU jurisdiction.

In addition, our lawyers will provide speedy and sensible advice in actual or potential disputes in this sector.

For further information, contact Daniel Preiskel, Senior Partner.

Other key contacts:

Xavier Prida