Internet / E-Commerce

Advising ISPs and internet companies on all issues including:

  • drafting and negotiating the complete range of IT and E-commerce agreements including: turnkey agreements, software development and licensing agreements, reseller agreements, software support and maintenance agreements, international distribution agreements, outsourcing and facilities management agreements, website development and hosting agreements, etc.;
  • commercial and regulatory advice on issues facing companies operating in the IT & E-commerce sectors, including domain names, data protection, online marketing & spam, privacy, distance selling, etc.;
  • setting up new business entities and tax efficient corporate structures;
  • advising on acquisitions and sales of businesses; and
  • advising on online-gaming issues.

Software Developers

Our lawyers have:

  • negotiated and drafted software resale, software licence and click-wrap agreements for a software developer;
  • advised an international provider of content to mobile phones on the creation of its website;
  • advised a strategic investor in acquiring minority interest in a mobile content provider and in a software development start-up;
  • negotiated and drafted franchise agreements and distribution agreements for pre-paid cards for online purchases;
  • advised an international online service provider on issues of privacy, data protection and SPAM under the EU and UK regulations;
  • advised on the acquisition of a software company;
  • advised and international online service provider on obligations and conflict of law issues under EU and UK distance-selling regulations; and
  • advised an online service provider on e-money regulatory issues.

Big Data

Big Data is firmly within our midst and has changed the ways in which companies undertake their business and interact with their customers.  Terabytes and petabytes of structured and unstructured data are continuously being generated from multiple sources such as software logs, wireless sensor networks, and radio-frequency identification readers. Some companies have harnessed the potential of Big Data by using Big Data as their core business asset. Other companies deal with Big Data as data which is generated as a by-product of other activities.

Irrespective of how Big Data affects your company, it is crucial to minimise or eliminate the legal issues which may arise from Big Data, such as, copyright, database right, security, confidentiality, competition, data protection and ownership rights in Big Data contracts. As Big Data is generated from multiple cross-border sources, it often generates intricate cross-border legal issues such as dealing with security breaches on an international level.  As companies struggle to wade through the complex and multi-jurisdictional regulatory regimes which apply to Big Data, they may often fall short of their legal obligations and face significant sanctions, fines, and prosecution (or even legal claims from the owners of the data) in different jurisdictions.

Our Big Data Team has substantial experience in providing strategic advice on all the legal issues surrounding Big Data and drafting Big Data licensing agreements.  We assist our clients in navigating through this complex area, with risk-based and comprehensive advice, informed by our experience of communications, technology and international issues.  We often work in cooperation with leading technology consultants to achieve practical and technical solutions. This enables our clients to align their commercial strategy with the applicable legal requirements and manage the legal risks.


We have extensive experience of advising on IT Outsourcing and all the key IT contracts, whether for the technology/systems providers or their multi-national customers.  It is impossible to underestimate the importance of concluding sophisticated IT contracts before entering into a major IT purchase or sale.  This is equally applicable to the systems providers as it is to their customers.

For further information, contact Daniel Preiskel or Jose Saras.

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