Commercial life is dominated by transactions: contracts with customers, suppliers, distributors, resellers, and retailers. Each of these transactions will have a legal element, and every company needs cost-effective and sensible advice on getting that legal element just right for the particular transaction.  This is the same whether the contract is on standard terms and conditions or is subject to complex bespoke negotiations.

We review, draft, and negotiate contracts for all aspects of commercial activity.  In doing so we are highly alert to the commercial points of the transaction and we always ensure our fees remain proportionate to the transaction’s commercial value.

Clients who come to us for commercial law advice range from multinationals to owner-managed businesses.

Commercial agreements on which we regularly advise:

  • Customer terms and conditions (including on-line terms)
  • Reseller agreements
  • Supply agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Outsourcing arrangements
  • Retail agreements
  • Commercial agency agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Software and other IPR licences and sub-licences
  • Settlement agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements.

For further information, contact Ronnie Preiskel, Partner

  • Google fined €1.49 billion for abusive practices in online advertising

    The European Commission finally announced its decision in the Google AdSense investigation on Wednesday 20 March 2019. The Commission found that Google’s Adsense for Search product had a market share of over 70% in the EEA market for online search advertising mediation platforms, thus having a dominant position in that market. The Commission found that…

  • Digital Competition Expert Panel releases report

    The Digital Competition Expert Panel, led by Jason Furman, has published its long-awaited report into the state of digital competition in the UK. The report, entitled “Unlocking digital competition”, recommends the establishment of a digital markets unit, with tools and a framework that will support greater competition and consumer choice in digital markets. The unit…

  • CMA Chair outlines proposals for radical competition law regime reform

    Lord Tyrie, the Chair of the Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) has published his preliminary advice on reform to the UK competition law regime. On 21 February 2019, his outline for reforms was published on the CMA website. The proposals are apparently aimed at ensuring the legal framework is robust enough to protect consumers and…

  • Eight observations on a delay to Brexit

    There is now a serious prospect of there being an extension of the Article 50 period: that the UK will not leave the EU on 29 March 2019 but on a later date instead. The likelihood is that such an extension would only be for a few months, until a date before July this year.…

  • CMA releases guide for influencers

    On 23 January 2019, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)  released a Guide on social media endorsements made by popular social media users, known in the industry as influencers. The Guide requires that influencers make it clear when they have been paid, given or loaned things which are then featured in their Instagram, Snapchat or…

  • German antitrust authorities restrict Facebook data use

    The Bundeskartellamt, Germany’s antitrust authority, has issued a ruling which requires Facebook to obtain user consent before it can continue to gather so much data about users from beyond the Facebook app and website. In a press release, the regulator explained that under Facebook’s current terms and conditions, users can only use the social network…

  • The future of connectivity in Europe

    TMT analysis: Daniel Preiskel, partner, and Stephan Buck, senior associate, at Preiskel & Co LLP explain the practical effect of the new European Electronic Communications Code and its impact upon practitioners.

    For the link to the full article, please click here.

  • Draft of the Mobile Roaming (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 published

    A draft of the Mobile Roaming (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 were published (having been laid before Parliament) on 5 February 2019. Accompanying the draft legislation was an explanatory memorandum provided by the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. These updated regulations aim to ensure that adequate legislation continues to operate effectively after the…

  • Danny Preiskel speaking at GCCM 2019 on Telecoms Fraud

    Danny Preiskel will be a panelist at the major Global Carrier Community (GCCM) Conference 2019, presenting on “How do operators face the increasing fraud in the telecoms wholesale market”. The agenda is available here The full list of speakers for GCCM is available here, whilst the full panel and timing  for the telecoms fraud related…