Many businesses collect and process personal data in their daily operations. Sensible and lawful management of this data is crucial to maximise its commercial value and to reduce the risks involved.

It is crucial to minimise or eliminate security breaches and tackle problems which may result from loss of data. Companies are required to comply with increasingly tighter legal requirements (including notifications of breaches) or face significant sanctions, fines and prosecution (or even legal claims from the owners of the data).  However, the correct management of personal data is a complex exercise in a world dominated by information systems and technologies, where personal data of millions of individuals can easily be compromised.

Businesses need to be aware of their obligations when processing their employees’ data (sometimes sensitive data) and when outsourcing some of their key functions to third party services providers (including call centres, payroll and billing).

Similarly, businesses also need to collect and process data from their customers in line with data protection requirements to enhance business opportunities and retain the right to transfer data to affiliates or other third parties.

From an international perspective, multinational companies may have to carry out cross border transfers of personal data if they outsource their services to companies located abroad or if they wish to centralise the data collected from different jurisdictions into servers located in other jurisdictions (typically the US or India).

We assist our clients in navigating through this complex area, with risk-based and comprehensive advice, informed by our experience of communications, technology and international issues. We often work in cooperation with leading technology consultants to achieve practical and technical solutions. This enables our clients to align their commercial strategy with the applicable data protection requirements and manage the legal risks.

We like to take our client’s challenges as our own challenges and deliver sound and creative solutions to them.

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