Contentious matters, and potentially contentious matters, have to be dealt with commercially and realistically.  The hallmark of our approach is to think through the various approaches to an actual and potential dispute, and to then put in place the best and most cost-effective strategy for achieving a most satisfactory outcome.

A misconceived approach to a dispute or potential dispute can often make things worse.  A strategic grasp is required of what can be achieved, and this grasp must be properly informed by a thorough understanding of all the relevant commercial, technological, industry-specific, and legal factors.

We can do this for you.  Our team can cover all manner of telecommunications, media, and technology disputes.  We can assist you with regulators and market dominant providers, as well as with competitors and those who are infringing your rights. We can bring or defend claims for damages, protect your copyright in bespoke software, and help to resolve complex outsourcing disputes. We also have particular experience in defending libel actions and protecting scientific discussion. Whatever the nature of your actual or potential dispute, we will be able to protect and promote your interests.

In procedural terms, our team has a range of experience which includes acting in cases before the Court of Appeal, the High Court, the Competition Appeal Tribunal, the Costs Court, County Courts, Magistrates’ Courts, and even a Coroner’s Court, as well as arbitrations and mediations.  Recent experience of our team includes significant involvement in the British Chiropractic Association v Simon Singh and Osler libel cases and the R v Chambers case on criminal liability for content under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003.

For further information, contact Robert Dougans, Head of Dispute Resolution.

Other key contacts:

Charles Soden-Bird